Choosing The Right Football Boots

There was a time when football boots were all leather work boots with nailed on studs. Those days are gone and after a period of sensible black leather boots, we started seeing players turn out in all types of colours, even moving managers to ban certain colours. With so many boots on the market,  it can be confusing as to what the right type for you is. Recently we’ve had Jose Mourinho blame Romelu Lukaku’s poor form on boots that didn’t fit him properly, so we’re led to believe that how your boots fit can affect performances and form. If they are that important it must be imperative to have the right boots, right? In this blog, we’re going to look at how to choose the rights boots for you.

What surface do you play on?

The main types of boots are for:

Soft Ground

These are designed to be used on pitches that are soft underfoot. They have traditional studs or long blade type studs

Firm Ground

This type is designed for use on pitches that are firm underground. On more traditional boots these would be moulded studs, or on newer types of boots these would have blades that are shorter than for firm ground


These are usually rubber soled and used specifically indoors so have non-marking soles.


These are rubber soled and usually, have lots of very short rubber studs. Designed for using on older artificial pitches

Artificial Grass

These are designed to have the feel of firm ground boots and usually have blade type studs that are shorter than the firm ground type. The materials used will be optimised for 3G and 4G pitches.

Does any of this really matter? In short, yes. You don’t want to lose your footing while playing, and all types of boots are designed with materials for their specific purpose.


Get the right fit

Try on your boots in the shop, preferably wearing football socks. A slight niggle when you’re trying them on can become a major inconvenience when you’re playing 90 mins. Make sure to lace them up fully to get an idea of how they fit. The Lukaku excuse will not fly with your Sunday League team. 

Get leathered?

Boots used to be made of leather, but during the 1970s and 80s synthetic materials started creeping into our boots. Most boots these days are made from synthetic materials and some are even made from knitted fabrics. Classic boots like Adidas World Cup and Nike Tiempo are made from leather and are used by pros like Sergio Ramos. Synthetic boots include classics like the Adidas Predators and most modern boots. If you tend to leave your boots in your boot bag after games, then synthetic boots are probably a better choice for you because they require less care, dry out easier and don’t need dubbing and other maintenance to keep them in good shape.


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